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At VillaeItaly we strongly believe in the power of human relations, that’s why we want to bring our product from italy, straight to your door

If you’re interested to invest in a property in Italy, just pick up your closest Villaeitaly agent or directly contact us!

We will be more than happy to advisor you, answering all your questions and helping you to find the best fitting Home for You!”

Send us A message at : info@villaeitaly.com

or Call Us at: +39 3703122158


Gabriele Guarano

Gabriele Guarano Co-Founder , VillaeItaly

Gabriele Guarano is the Creator and Co-Founder of VillaeItaly

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Edoardo Castelletti

Edoardo Castelletti Co-Founder , VillaeItaly

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Viktoria Pisna

Viktoria Pisna Agent & facilitator

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Michele Fanelli

Michele Fanelli Agent & Facilitator

Available for Luxembourg & Belgium

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Valentina Garkavenko

Valentina Garkavenko Agent & Facilitator

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Armando Dazza

Armando Dazza Agent & Facilitator

Available for Barcelona and Spain

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Stefano Scotti

Stefano Scotti Agent & Facilitator

Master in hospitality management

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Johnny Lademakhi

Johnny Lademakhi Agent & Facilitator

Customer Success Agent for International Investors

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Mema Bardhyl

Mema Bardhyl Agent & Facilitator

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